Leveraging Assets

One of the great lessons I learned in publishing is how to creatively leverage assets. A lot of time and money goes into development. Figuring out how to take all that hard work and leveraging it to earn out its full potential is an important business function. As a Creative Director, one of my key contributions was to produce new products using existing assets. Sometimes we used the success of a design to create additional skus at varying price points, other times new products had to feel unique. Whatever the approach, understanding how to leverage assets is a critical tool in generating new streams of revenue from existing property… it is the compound interest of product development.


Shown here: The content of a scrapbook takes on multiple forms when it is repackaged as a jumbo sticker book, a mini handled sticker book, and a set of four mini books; A baby keepsake book is reformatted into a smaller book and sold with a plush, or sold along with a larger storage box. Each format works in a different sales channel at a different price point.