As a Creative Director I have worked with designers across the spectrum of experience and skill. I’ve guided the development of exciting new product lines and directed work on projects that inspire no new energy. Lack of inspiration is a real wet blanket when it comes to consistently creating good design, no matter the background of the designer. So how does a creative lead inspire a team?

Encouraging creatives to play when low energy is sapping their spirit is vitally important. Energy begets energy, so as counterintuitive at it may appear, just generating momentum (even if it feels off-task), may jumpstart creativity and get a designer moving forward again. Exploring the broader world of art and design, tapping into trends, and supporting an environment where ideas–both technical and creative– can flow freely brings out the best work from everyone, the Creative Director included.


Shown here are new takes on old ideas: Doodles for Kids– we refreshed a well-worn tween scrapbook format (previously thought of a “girl” product) by selecting an illustration style that was quirky and fun and centered the book’s theme on Doodling. On another format, instead of going all girl, we introduced the dead. Just in time for the zombie apocalypse.