Though I have spent most of my career as a designer and Creative Director, my undergraduate degree is in fine art. When I decided to launch a licensed art brand, I did so hoping to merge what I love about development and strategy with the bonus of it being an art-centric endeavour. In addition to my day-to-day business tasks (marketing, contract negotiations, taxes, etc.), I do occasionally get to make art and figure out how to apply it to products.

One of my favorite painting styles is a loose, folksy style I used for a collection of work entitled Fables. Below is a glimpse into my painting and product development process. Not shown are redlines of contracts, piles of receipts, and notes from conversations with my agent.


The above snapshots of my development process include: A pencil drawing; The finished watercolor rendering; A studio shot of paintings in progress; Product concepts; Final Fables artwork in use on real products.