We might not always think about it, but fonts speak to us. Different typefaces appeal to different demographics. Fonts can also tell us whether something is “fun” versus “important.” Sometimes, an entire product is, essentially, type design.

My work with type includes a long list of projects, everything from setting type for 300 page books and cookbook design to logo development and font design. Below are a selection of fun projects that use a variety of type styles plus fonts I designed for my brand.


Shown here: Logo designs for True Blue, Animal Parade, and Born Wild fabric lines; Playful type treatments; Lettering I designed for use with my watercolor paintings; Typefaces I illustrated for children’s products shown with unicorn artwork and on my children’s books; Notepad sets that use typography in very different ways; A retro boy project; A tween scrapbook with a bold typographic treatment; Vintage style lettering;